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Macbook pro m1 hdmi ports gen2 12 ports



  • Hippo Studio

    You have to plug the hdmi BEFORE plug the USB C power to the HUB.

  • Nguyễn Tuấn

    i do all the stuffs but it still doesnt work :(.

  • Samibrahim

    You are out of luck looks like an Asian company sells the item contact support so many times on a brand new product that doesn’t work they are crooks will file a dispute on my Visa card never deal with them not buy there products many USA hood companies like Satechi and others that stands behind there product . I waited for a while so I get the one that supposed to work with Mac M1 chip but it’s not working speed drops from 990mbps to 640mbps they copy items from others but it doesn’t work Chinese are not creative people they just copy steals the patents of others but so funny all counterfeit items doesn’t work and this company is a fraud from there Asian support manager the big lier to the way he trained people to lie to customers. But I will take care of them no matter what .


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