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  • Rick Cohen

    I haven't and submitted a request on June 29th.  I have an 8-in-2 USB-c hub that needed flashing to update to make it "work" with my Macbook 16 inch 2019.  It works but when screen saver goes on, when it comes back monitors don't always come back, and I need to unplug, replug, sometimes reboot.. pretty annoying.... now the HDMI port doesn't work, so I now use the thunderbolt only to run one monitor.

    What's your problem?

  • Phil Cutland Green

    I haven't had my product even delivered yet.. was supposed to be delivered over a month ago.

    Support did reply for a while .. then went dark !

    Still waiting for an update.

  • Rick Cohen

    I wonder if they are shut down - or bought out?!

  • johnmay

    I have similar issue that the support team simply does not response for almost 2 weeks now and went into stealth mode, since their last reply. I regretted purchasing the product especially I’m an user out of the US and I must say the support from them is horrendous. I submit a request for a replacement and to get an exchange I have to place a deposit of USD40 with them, and worst of all I have to bear the shipping cost to ship back the poor manufacturing quality product, before I get the replacement upon receipt of the faulty set. This is the worst experience I ever had. I have purchased product from US retailer and thought Hypedrive will be a good US Product quality and services are top notch, but I was wrong.

    Peak Design is a very good US retailer with superb product and services.

    I expect that I will never get any warranty claim if the product fail in the future. I will endorse other user to avoid considerIng to purchase this product again!


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