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Hyper Cube - No Documentation



  • Bill DeFranza

    same here. Weak documentation. seems like a very bad flub.

    but the Hypercube does seem to be working.

  • Gregory Lloyd

    Just got my cube today, no documentation, and is not finding my Essential PH1, underwhelming at best.....

  • Permanently deleted user

    @Terry @Bill and @Gregory - You can find our quick start guide here: We're working on something a little bit more in-depth.

  • Samuel Skelly


    "We're working on something a little bit more in-depth"

    Hip, hip, hooray!!!!

    It would have been nice if you had worked on this BEFORE you released the product!

    It is obvious from the DISASTER release of Hypercube that proper research has not been carried out.
    I would suggest that the development team get together and put 'something' together quickly, as the complaints are going to be greater than the actual problems in using the cube.

    So far, on my first 'automated back-up' it found ONE CONTACT!
    It DIDN'T find any photos at all, despite me having 18550 photos on my iPhone!

    I look forward to waking up out of this NIGHTMARE purchase and finding that my loyalty in buying is supported by a working product!

    (and yes, I am angry!) :-)

  • Susan Brodie

    It’s not looking good for HyperCube. Here are details of my experience, after I figured out from the sketchy online documentation how it works. I am trying to up nearly 12K photos and videos (nearly 29GB) on an iPhone 6S to a brand-new 64G USB-3 thumb drive.

    A first backup attempt yielded only about 10% of my photos/videos copied to the thumb drive. Photos and videos appeared in random order, and most have “created” dates indicating the last time I looked at the photos. Seven out of of 8 albums on the phone appeared as empty file folders; one album contains a single photo out of five. 

    A second backup attempt copied another 500 files—sort of. I saw that photos I had edited on the phone were transferred in original unedited form. Video files added on this second pass were converted to .livp files, with creation date=the time of transfer, and are unplayable (appear as black squares with exec in upper left corner). Haven’t yet found an app that will play a .livp file.

    At the end of the second backup (100.0%) the error message read:

    Backed up502items, Failure 10881items


    1.Failed to export file

    2.Failed to transfer

    3.insufficient storage capacity

    4.Fialed to export file


    The thumb drive contains 4 items and has 56.62 GB available  The thumb drive became alarmingly hot to the touch.

    So far the HyperCube is more hype than help—a disappointing waste of money and TIME. Over to you, Sanho/Hypershop Zendesk.


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