Hyperdrive: Worlds 1st USB-C hub for iPad Pro 2018 - NOT WORKING



  • Kirk Bodick

    Have a similar problem.  When plugged into an Apple USB-C cable connected to an Apple MacBook Pro 2018, the iPad Pro will not charge...

  • Bruce McMillan

    Same problem here..

    HDMI not working as well.

    Left a message w/support.

  • revband

    Similar issue here as well. IPad Pro 2018 11”, charging stops as soon as I plug in a standard USB cable to attach an audio interface.

  • Sergioadfaria

    Hyperdrive: Worlds 1st USB-C piece of shit

  • Neil Willis

    Agreed - haven't used it - I had already bought a USB - C  to HDMI and USB - C to USB 3.0 lead and the Hyperdrive adds nothing to my system - and to add insult to injury I had to pay £15.50 for custom clearance - how do I get my money back  ?

  • Sergioadfaria


    how do I get my money back?


    I am having the same issues as well with my iPad Pro 12.9! I have the blue indicator light on, but the dongle has stopped functioning! Tried using the chat feature for support and the rep stopped talking to me within 2 minutes! Where is Kelvin?

  • Kirk Bodick

    Geez - what are they thinking only having a Windows computer requirement for a firmware update for an Apple product?

  • Terry Juhlin

    How do I attach the device to my iPad 2018? There was no documentation to explain that to me. I’m also troubled by so many negative comments and requests from other purchasers to get their money back.

  • Terry Juhlin

       WTF, did I get scammed by buying a POS USB-C hub for iPad Pro? 

  • John Connop

    I bought this SPECIFICALLY for the micro SD card slot reader so I could transfer Drone footage to the iPad for editing with LumaFusion. I was just out yesterday flying and gathered some great footage, but still no easy way to get the files transferred.


    When plugging in a mSD card, the iPad opens Photos but that’s it. There is no way to access the SD card. I also noticed the USB-C port on the hyper drive wont charge the iPad when plugged into my MacBook. If I plug directly in top my MacBook Pro, the iPad charges. What other ports aren’t going to work on this P.O.S.?

  • justin.osserman

    Same issues, at first it showed charging and now nothing. Total crap! 

  • Greyson Yant

    Unable to charge iPad via Hyperdrive's USB C connector.

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