Hyper drive slim 8 in 1 USB-C Hub for iPad pro 2018 user manual?



  • Robert R

    It's an issue with iOS. iOS will only recognize media on a USB connected drive and open Photos and possibly iMovie (?). iOS at the moment won't handle external files. For the iPad, the Slim 8 is good for that, SD/Mini SD, and connecting to a monitor, plus charging through the power delivery USB-C port.

    Disappointed no one at Hyper responded to you in a month. Mind you, I have an open support ticket for 6 days with silence, so doesn't reflect well.

  • Jim Scholz

    Thanks for your response.  Hope Apple will upgrade the iOS for the iPad Pro to do more with the USB-c port. 



  • John Connop

    I bought this SPECIFICALLY for the micro SD card slot so I can transfer Drone footage to the IPad Pro to use with LumaFusion Video editor, but unfortunately, this microSD card slot is not working. I can plug a mSD card in and IPad will open Photos, but there is no way to access the mSD card. I do have a mSD card reader I use for the IPhone and it has a support app called iUSB Pro, and I can transfer files on the iPhone, but the iPad won’t read that card reader either. Why would Hyperdrive offer a mSD card reader if IOS wont let you access it?

  • Robert R

    There’s nothing that Hyper can do about it. It’s all to do with the iOS limitations. This unit is offered as suitable for a range of USB-C devices. Some support file transfer from the slot, iOS doesn’t.

    it does support iOS to the limit Apple allows currently, namely with the photos app.

    like with the reader you have that works, it is possible that some app will allow you to get around the restriction.

  • John Connop

    There is PLENTY Hyperdrive can do, like NOT advertise a hyperdrive specifically for the iPad Pro that doesn’t have a functioning SD card reader. If it’s truly IOS’s fault for not allowing this, then Hyperdrive should have known instead of taking my +$100 for a dongle that’s useless. But wait, there’s more. If it was really IOS’s fault, then why does Apple sell a microSD card reader for the iPad? My micro SD cards are only used for drone video and pictures, I want to transfer photos and video to the photo app. I’m not buying that’s it’s an IOS issuewhen there are alternatives that apparently work and now I will have to spend more money or a simple task.

  • Robert R

    No, you are being unrealistic expecting Hyper to somehow achieve functionality Apple themselves do not.

    Hyper advertise it as being suitable for an iPad and it is. It COMPLETELY supports the iPad as far as iOS (Apple) allow natively.

    The blurb from Apple for their own SD card reader - 'After you insert the SD card into the reader, your iPad or iPhone automatically opens the Photos app, which organises your photos into Moments, Collections and Years.' which is what the Hyper does. Therefore Hyper's advertising of the device is accurate. If your device doesn't do per the Apple blurb for their own device, then perhaps you have a faulty unit.

    The iPad does not have a generally accessible file system as a computer does.

    Apparently a couple of App companies have achieved workarounds though I've not tested any.

  • John Connop

    How is expecting an SD card reader to work for a product specifically designed for the new iPad, being unreasonable? Thats like me buying a car stereo with a CD and cassette player but the CD doesn't work because the CD won't work in a Ford Bronco, but does work in a Bronco II. Then there is the fact that I can use an SD card reader on an iPhone to transfer photos and videos, so this isn't necessarily and IOS issue as it is either an Apple hardware issue or Hypers rush the product to market problem. Either way, I do expect a CD to work in my bronco and I expect the SD card reader to work at the very least as well as the iPhone handles SD cards. This thing doesn't even read it. 



  • Richard Chaffee

    I have to agree with Tom on this one. The company should have made note of the fact that as of now the iPad Pro cannot import or export files to the sd card, but may be able to in a future iOS update. I would expect that if that function was the main reason you purchased it that it would be reasonable to expect a refund upon return.

  • Jim Stobo

    I'm with John Connop, you should not advertise something as 'compatible' unless it truly is compatible. If there are limitations these should be declared such that any perspective buyer is fully aware of the limitations. Anything else is miss-selling.


    I bought this hub and my new iPad pro doesn't recognize it at all. The charge through works but that's it. I feel duped. I don;t think Hyper-drive are being honest.


    Up to them to fix it or FaceBook will be 'Lighting up' with my displeasure.

  • Robert R

    Mine does exactly what Apple says any media adapter will do - it opens in photos and offers to import. Its a limit with iOS at present, so there is no false advertising.

    It is not Hyper's job to advertise Apple's limits on what you can achieve. As iPad owners we're responsible for knowing about our devices and Apple make the limitations abundantly clear.

    The device is advertised as USB-C compatible and it is. Its ultimate capabilities are determined by the operating system on your device.

    'Turns a single USB-C into 8 ports' - it does exactly that. Nowhere do they advertise 'magically introduces file management facilities to iOS'

    As for threatening to light up Facebook with your displeasure... just be sure to clearly state you expected this device to magically circumvent Apple's operating system - after all honesty is everything. (some questioning Hyper's honesty)

    That said, if it doesn’t recognise it at all, ie no functions work at all other than power pass-through perhaps the answer is to talk to tech support in case a faulty one slipped through - yes even Apple ship the occasional dud.

  • Iain Clydesdale


    I have just received my hyper drive dongle for ipad pro and havent used the micro SD reader yet. However I have had issues with another brand.


    The issue was the SD wouldn’t read after being in a computer even though it was only a camera SD card. Putting it back in the camera seemed to resolve the issue.

    Also hopefully with iOS 13 comming in Sept will also resolve your issue.

  • John Connop

    I too am hoping IpadOS and IOS13 finally allow SD cards they way they were meant to be used.

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