Hyperdrive 8-in-1 Slim MBP2018 MiniDP



  • Eduardo Molina

    I pulled the trigger and bought the mini display port to DVI cable and plugged it  into my 8-in-1 Slim, unfortunately I had not signal to my monitor at all. I'm now thinking the MiniDP on this unit only does MiniDP to MiniDP like the HyperDrive Pro. Not cool, your video says that I could plug in things, this is very unfortunate. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the Slim or the Duo. The Slim has the built-in Ethernet port but I could use the duo if I get and DVI to USB-C cable for one monitor and HDMI to HDMI for the second monitor. What I like about the SLIM is that I can actually deliver the right power to my MBP without sacrificing 2 ports, I know the DUO has 2-USB-C port but the one that carries the power is the one where I will have to plug the monitor, and the second USB-C is only 5Gbps and doesn't carry as much power. Decisions, decisions, decisions... 

  • Sam Plex

    They could make this hub superior to other brands:

    • MiniDP must be Thunderbolt 2 so you can use thunderbolt accessories and use it as Display Port.
    • 60hz support on HDMI and MiniDP port!
    • Allow de MiniDP and HDMI work at the same time so you can use two monitors!
    • Make the metal shell thicker so it absorbs heat better!
    • The lid for the Network adapter is of plastic, very bad!!!
    • Add leds for the Network adapter to see link status!
    • The USB-C port is only for charging, why not data and charging!??



  • Thomas

    @Eduardo, I have also this problem. Received today my HyperDrive Slim and have two monitors.

    Monitor 1: HDMI
    Monitor 2: DisplayPort --> Mini DisplayPort

    So I thought: plug-in the HDMI cable and the Mini DisplayPort cable into the HyperDrive Slim. Both external monitors showing as a single monitor (extended) on my MacBook Pro 2018. When I plug-in each monitor apart from each other, the monitors work. But together, not working..

    Weird thing is that both monitors showing my background, but mirrored as a single monitor in MacOS.

    Also tested this on Windows 10 with Bootcamp. Exact same result, with two monitors, both monitors get mirrored and detected as a single monitor.

  • Sam Plex

    I had the same idea and this is what support send back:


    Can the HDMI and MiniDP be used at the same time to connect dual monitors? 
    ---Sorry no, it supports one extended monitor only. 

  • Thomas

    Mmm, dam. Why it shows in the shop it supports dual 4k video...

  • Sam Plex

    You are right, they gives us misleading information!


  • Eduardo Molina

    Guys, I also sent an email to the support email and below is what they told me. Basically it doesn't work, it has to be MiniDP to MiniDP, who does that? That port should be eliminated from the devices same has on the HyperDrive PRO.

    Kelvin (HYPERSupport)

    Aug 7, 15:44 PDT

    Hello Eduardo,
    1.) The MiniDisplay port on the Slim USBC hub is only working with the MiniDisplay monitor.  It is not compatible with any other type of video port monitor, even with an adapter.  Unless you get the Active Mini Display adapter, such as this:

    2.) The Slim 8-IN-1 USBC hub supports one monitor at a time only, it does not do 2 extended monitors.  You can either connect to HDMI monitor or to MiniDisplay monitor.
  • Thomas

    They say the Slim 8-IN-1 USB-C Hub supports only one monitor. Is this a limitation of the Hyperdrive Slim or an limitation on the USB-C port on the MacBook Pro?

  • Adam

    This is extremely upsetting, because my entire premise for buying this new MacBook was based on the fact that I could drive two 4k monitors from one HyperDrive Hub.  I mean, I don't even know what to say at this point.  Your information was the basis for me throwing 4 grand into a new setup, and now I can't use 1/3 of my monitor space.  I'll be contacting support for some better solutions, let me know if you guys find out anything different!

  • Leo Pham

    Is this product still avaialble to buy because I could not find it? thanks.

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