exfat doesn't work on the iusbport mini



  • Chris

    I have the same problem and need to use exfat as the video files I want to put on the iusbport mini are larger than the 4 GB supported by FAT 32

  • Sam
    When will this be solved? Thanks
  • Arne
    Any idea Set.
  • Arne
    Any idea yet, was what I was trying to ask.
  • Bill Donahue
    NTSF works on thumb drive but not on external hard disk with file greater than 1 gb .i wish that they would carry over to enteral hard disk.why limit yourself to a smaller network. Both NTSF and Fat32 should be recognize as standard option.You would have a greater market . I bought this device as a media streaming entertainment that I could use as a file server .Dual partition would be the best bet for windows and apple users. The best thing for any company that wants to sell produce is their customer service and support.where are you. Calling 911 help!!!!! Customer feedback is vital in today's market place.

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