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Can HyperJuice charge Macbook 12" (usb-c)?



  • Leon Basin

    Thanks for your question. 

    At the moment, there is no way to charge MacBook 12" with HyperJuice battery. We'll keep our customers updated if this changes.

  • Namun Cho

    Thanks for your answer

    Hope to hear good news. 

  • Kevin Russell

    Could the Macbook 12 be connected to the "USB" port just as you would the Ipad or any other tablet?  The wattage/amps would be less and it would take longer to charge but in theory it should work right?   it would be easy to connect the usb c to standard usb (by adapter) so you wouldn't need a magic box, right?

  • Larry James

    I had a macbook air and connected it to my hyperjuice mbp-060 by cutting a magsafe charger cable and connecting the magsafe to the plug which connects to the hyperjuice dc outlet (I soldered the the connection and heat-shrink for a proper job). This worked perfectly. Does anyone know if this would also work for a type c connection on the new macbook 12". My guess it should work, the macbook air has a 45w charger and the macbook 12 has a 29w charger but I don't want to take the risk unless someone with more knowledge than me can help.

  • Leon Basin

    Here's a link to "World's Only MacBook Battery Pack: USB-C & MagSafe"


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