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How do I reset a HyperJuice MBP2-100 that won't start/seems dead?



  • Namun Cho

    Same problem here. 

  • Mooredo

    any resolution to this.  Mine is now doing this.  the Battery is just about a year old.  

  • Andrew Bernstein

    I sent it in under warranty and it was sent back repaired.

  • James Knox

    Mine is doing this too.  I purchased it 11 months ago

  • mikemu

    My screen went out, but battery and switch still works.  Any updates?

  • Joe Bourne

    Interesting, after I flew  it seem to work fine. I used it in florida to charge my iPad  and the power was at 40%. it appears to have charged the iPad then died.  When i arrived home - I tried to charge the hyper juice,but the screen is blank and the charger is green.  I check the battery after 3 hours of charging and the screen is still blank but it appears when I plug either the magsafe or a device  into it  - there appears to be power coming out of the battery.  The problem I'm having is that the screen is still black, so I cannot tell the percentage of the charge.

  • SoferioPtyLimited

    On mine, the screen comes on when it is plugged to charger, but will not come on under any other scenario. Says 98% charged when plugged to charger.

  • abstractryan

    Im having the same problem as the last commentor - screen shows 98% when plugged in but unplugged will not turn on.

  • Robin Jackson

    Hmm, does no-one from support respond here?


    My Hyperjuice MBP2-100 shows 50% charge when I plug the battery into mains BUT never progress's above this, if I unplug, the screen goes dead and there is certainly no nice in the battery!


    Is it possible to reset these things or is it dead, dead, dead?

  • James Knox

    It's dead!!  I have sent mine back three times for service, the last time it only lasted a week.  Contact customer service directly, they are very helpful but I have given up on this product.

  • HJ Eliason

    Just as above my HJ2  won't turn on and doesn't seem to charge when green light is on charger. Will not charge any external devices either.

    Has anyone received any answers from company?

  • Leon Basin

    @Andrew Bernstein - Sounds like it might be an issue with the logic board, but to better assist we that you send us an email - for additional troubleshooting assistance.


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