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Using a Trigger on the Hot Shoe - iUSBportCAMERA



  • Shane Vessey

    I also would like to know it needs to mounted on the shoe or anywhere else. I assume that it Does Not need as it uses the USB cables to connect with the camera. How we all would like a affirmative answer.

  • Daniel

    iUSBportCAMERA only needs to connect to the camera via the USB cable.

    You do not need to mount the iUSBportCAMERA on the camera hot shoe for it to work. iUSBportCAMERA only has a cold shoe accessory mount for physical mounting purpose. Cold meaning there is no data connection between the camera hot shoe and the iUSBportCAMERA device.

    If you need to use the camera hot shoe for other devices like flash, other wireless transmitter or triggers, you can always velcro the light iUSBportCAMERA device to the side of the camera, tie it to the camera strap or stash it in your pocket.

    In addition to the cold shoe accessory mount, there is also a tripod mount so you can also mount the iUSBportCAMERA beneath the camera, on brackets or tripods.

  • Stuvw

    "The executable was created with an evaluation version of exe4j"

    does not run.

  • Jacio

    You can use a cheap clamp with a 1/4 thread to clamp it secure to your tripod if you use one. Another trick is to use a gorilla pod for a small camera ( cheap chinese version can do the job too ).

    I will test it soon with a longer USB cable; I think this should work as it is just a standard USB connection.


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