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Can USB 3 port Sync to or Import from USB 3 Drive?



  • Kelvin

    @Terry, the  USB 3.0 port on the UDMA3 device is for connecting to computer. Not for external USB storage device.

  • Kevin Evans

    This is sad.  With all the time USB3 has been available and UDMA3 does not support it as a host.

  • mamat hensem

    I doubt it will be useful. This UNSUPPORTED UDMA3 is supposed to be use with memory card or maybe a usb drive. How much data can those cards/drives  hold? Yeah, there are 512G cards but are we using it? Most of us can only afford 128G, hence the need of this UNSUPPORTED UDMA3. Not much different to copy 128G of data using USB2 or USB3.

  • Pascal Bénard

    Honestly speaking I don't see any valuable reasons why UDMA3 can't be used either for importing photos or as an external USB3 drive for photo editing on mobile device such as an IPad Pro  (with USB3 to Lightning adaptor) : with its large screen and pencil, it would be really GREAT when travelling !


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