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    Leon Basin


  • mamat hensem

    I don't think there is any update yet


    check here:

  • Pascal Bénard

    Strange, I've received mine yesterday and it has v42 installed

  • mamat hensem

    @Leon Basin I've email you yesterday and has not receive any reply yet

  • Kevin Evans

    I received a link to v41 a while back but I also see there is a v42. When will it be available? Also, I have gone to the link you provided above but there isn't a folder for the UMDA3.

  • mamat hensem

    Yes no update in the link, I already wrote "I don't think there is any update yet" at the top.


    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Burair Kadhim


    can we get the latest update ?

  • AnkEric

  • mamat hensem



    Can you share the firmware?



  • AnkEric

    No, sorry, I cannot.

    This firmware is on my brandnew device.

    Version = 49

    Build = 21070512

    I don't know why you are so eager to get it, but one assumption:

    If you are waiting for NTFS support for a SYNC Disk, it's still not supported. Only FAT32 is.

  • AnkEric

    Oké, thanks!

    I made a typo. Mine is Ver 49, Build 20170512.

    Not: Ver 47.

    May be the same, or not... 6 days difference ?
    And curious about Change Log.

    Nice test to watch a firmware update, but also a risk.

  • luc bacher

    Please send me a link to the latest firmware version.  Thank you.


  • Leon Basin

    The most recent UDMA 3 firmware is V49 and we would need to email every customer individually as we are unable to share it here, due to how large the file is. If you need V49 firmware, please email us - and we will assist you. 

  • mamat hensem

    Just scroll up a bit for Ver 49 Build 20170518, I already put a link to download it.

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