Colorspace UDMA3 please support ExFAT for internal hard drive



  • Leon Basin

    Thanks for this information, Ian! 

  • Robert


    I agree with Ian. If the UDMA3 supported ExFat internally, it would make the device much more useful. Being stuck with the 4GB file size limitation of Fat32 has meant that I have had to carry a second drive to back up larger projects.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • ian

    I'm pretty sure it already read ExFAT on memory cards anyway, doesn't it?

  • Kevin Evans

    Yes it needs support for ExFAT

  • Jaidev Patel

    Has ExFat support been added yet?  Can we format the internal drive to ExFat?

    If not, WHY? its 2017 now and all portable drives support it, FAT32 is outdated.  I guess I will dump my UDMA3 and buy another brand.

  • ian

    I agree, it already has the ability to read ExFAT memory cards so why not write to them.

    I can confirm that the latest firmware (42) does not add ExFAT support even for the external hard drive you can Sync to. I tried it and it doesn't recognise the drive even exists.

  • mamat hensem

    Yes, ExFAT is the way to go. NTFS too.

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