HyperDrive USB Type-C w/Mini Display port: USB stops working!



  • Todd MacMath

    I am having the same issue with mine.   I it unfortunate because I do like this product.  

    Any help with this would be appreciated. 


  • Mikhail Zolikoff

    Same problem. Apple Keyboard model A1243 (USB) stops working. Regular HP mouse always works.

  • Edward Schwartz

    Same problem -- would love to know the fix if anyone has it.

  • Mikhail Zolikoff

    I've determined that this particular adapter doesn't play nice with the higher voltage/wattage adapter of my 2016/2017 MacBook Pro. If I plug my power adapter directly into the laptop and not the adapter, everything works fine.

  • RvK

    Any word on this problem? I just bought the Hyperdrive and now I have my keyboard only working through the standard Appel Adapter, not through the Hyperdrive. A big failure imo. Now I have a expensive mini-displayport adapter. No USB-ports are working. My configuration: MacBook Pro 13 inch Touch Bar 2017.  

  • Mikhail Zolikoff

    RvK, unplug any power from the Hyperdrive adapter and see if that works.

  • RvK

    Nope :(


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