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Having issues with the GaN charger? Check here.



  • Riviera Maya Grip

    I kickstarted two units. Charged them 12 hours and neither works. They won't even charge a pair of bose sunglasses.

    What up? 

  • Raymond Laurentius

    Yes this product Don't work

  • Alex Marzan

    My USB-C-1 port is not working at all. Never worked. What can I do?
    I tried the information on this wiki already.
    Doesn’t work with the Hyper 130w battery, doesn’t work with MacBook Air 2018, iPhone Pro Max, Airpods Pro all with hyper or Apple usb-c cables

  • Jose Iu

    My GaN100 suddenly have problem with 2 USB-A ports. They cannot charge iOS devices with USB-A to lightning at all. With USB-A to USB-C cables will only draw very little power. 
    I have tried to follow above steps by connecting each device one by one and also unplug all, replug all, disconnect reconnect from power outlet... 

    Still doesn’t work. Please kindly help. My unit is from Kickstarter.

  • Khuned Sachdev

    I have the exact same issue with Jose Lu above, and mine is also from kickstarter, right at the beginning.  

    1.  I am not able to charge my iPhone 12 with either of the 2 USB-A ports, using a USB-A to Lightning cable.  The charge is on, then off and keep on doing this.  

    2.  When I use a USB-C port to charge the same iPhone 12 using a USB-C to Ligthning cable, the phone shows a stable charge, but the battery % does not increase.  

    What shall I do?  

    Note:  the USB-C to USB-C charging iPads and MacBook Pro works fine.  



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