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Screen flickering with Slim? Please check this out



  • Thomas Sanders


    I had this problem with my brand new MacBook Pro 16" and Hyper Drive Slim 8 in one, which was connected with a mini DP to DP to a dell U2412M monitor. The external monitor was flickering every 10 seconds.

    I followed these instructions, and the problem is now solved.

    Only downside: I lost a couple of hours finding the problem and solution, and you need to install Windows immediately to a new MacBook :'(

    I noticed in Windows, the screen didn't have any flickering, before updating the firmware. So it's a Mac OS only problem.

    Thanks for the clear instructions!

  • Henrik H

    Followed instructions but get "Initialize GPU library failed". 

  • Greg Stephens

    I need to run Windows to update a product I bought for my Mac?????

  • Yago

    Hahahaha this joke ! You must run Windows to upgrade your new-but-broken Mac product ! 


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