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Screen flickering with Pro? Please check this out.



  • Kalle Norman

    it worked for me.
    I bought the Hyperdrive hub from Amazon,
    it flickered, had it sent back and got a new one,
    I got it today and the new hub flickered as well.
    Googled for "flickering" displays and found this post.

    Note: when you have updated the firmware in Windows10 
    disconnect the hub and disconnect the power source to the hub as well.

    Question: this hub is designed specifically for MacBooks.
    why on earth do I need to install Windows10 for updating the firmware?
    why can't you build a firmware updater that works in Mac Os???

  • Toni Mascaró


    I'm totally disappointed with this brand and this product.

    I thought Hyper Drive is the best USB-C for Mac users.

    I only have Mac and i want a solution what doesn't need to be an engineer to solve.

    Can you give a more ease solution better read two documents, install a windows emulator and install a complete new operating system?

    Do you think that it is normal? I'm a regular user.

  • Marc Sytsema

    I have the same problem and I am doubting whether to buy a Satechi because that one does NOT flicker with the new MBP 16 inch. 

    I cannot (and will not) believe that you have to install Windows on a Mac for me to be able to update your products that is especially designed for Macs!!

    Any other solution?

  • Timothy Lantsoght


    When I bought this hub I tried everything to get rid of this flickering. I almost wanted to trow it away if it was not that I needed the other inputs as well. I have a new MBP 16. The only thing that worked was to connect it trough USB C, but then I lost a USB C input. I checked a lot of different HDMI cables, but nothing helped. I guess the only thing left to do is install this dual boot windows OS. I really don't want to do this, but you guys don't leave me any choice. 



  • Noraa Sue Danielle

    This is absolutely unacceptable. I didn't buy a PC because I don't want one, and I sure as heck don't want to partition my macbook. This device is made for macs but I can't even update it on one? What was Hyperdrive thinking when they did that???????

    If I could get a different dongle, I would. Can't afford another one now and I guess I just can't connect an external monitor.

    Hyperdrive should be ashamed.

  • Chris Sheerman

    I upgraded the firmware for a friend and it is still flickering on a 13" MacAir and a 16" Macbook Pro.

    Bit of a shame really. Sending it back to the reseller!!


  • Pavel Rak

    Upgrading firmware did the work. But guys, really? Installing another OS just to upgrade firmware of an external device? You may consider writing firmware upgrader for macOS. At least you could response quite quickly to the issue. Thanks

  • Adriano Rocha

    Doesn't work with MacBook Pro 16" 2019 + Acer Predator XB271HU on QUADHD setup. Really disapointed.

  • Jonathan Nisell

    Worked with MacBook Pro 16" 2019 and a HDMI connection. I totally agree that there should be a way to install the FW upgrade through MacOS or you can potentially write a guide that uses a Virtual Machine from Microsoft as the platform for the FW upgrade. This process took me roughly 1 hour, but that's because I'm working on amazing hardware. You should really work to get this process sleek and automated. Thanks.

  • Peter Borgmann

    I did everything, but Windows cannot find the Hub! No update!

  • Stan Smulders

    "I did everything, but Windows cannot find the Hub! No update!"

    Have you double checked your display cable? I got the same error when I first tried it, but then realised I hadn't hooked up the external monitor yet.

    Took me half a day to get this sorted. But I'm glad there was a solution. The flicker was driving me mad!

    Just booted back into MacOS and the flicker does indeed seem to be gone. 


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