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Windows Firmware Update (HD319A) - for Hyperdrive iPad Pro!



  • Luke Cosgrove

    Still no iOS or Mac version of this update?

  • Adam Scheidegger

    Wow, what is a great product, is now being burned by poor customer service. 3 weeks since posting and still you only have a solution for Windows OS owners AND that have a USB C port on that same machine. Awful. Might have made a mistake using their device for work.

  • Stijn van Wely

    Poor customer service indeed. Besides spending money on a useless product, promises are not kept. I was told that a new, updated hub would be sent, but nothing happened instead. No response to my questions either.

  • Aaron Mahoney

    Sheesh guys. Try emailing them with a nice message and see if you get a response. I did....and with in 6 hours I did.
    It’s a new product and like any new product there are bugs. It will work out. More importantly......BE NICE!

  • Kelvin

    @Luke Cosgrove, @ Adam Scheidegger

    Mac OS firmware is releasing soon, expecting to be out at the end of April.  Thank you for your patience.


  • Kelvin

    @Stijn van Wely, the replacement unit is already on its way to you.

  • Ahmed Bin Shams



    How can I access my flash memory after upgrade?

  • Kelvin

    Mac OS firmware app will be released by the end of this week.  Thank you for your patience.


  • Kelvin

    @Ahmed Bin Shams . iOS has many restriction that it does not allow users to access all files in USB drive or memory card.  But it only allow IMPORT photos and videos, plus the file structure in USB drive or memory card has to be the same as the memory card in camera.

    See the detail below:

  • matt

    MAC OS update is out guys. Worked as expected on my MAC and IPAD.

  • francoise hubbard

    I bought a usbc to usba adapter so I could connect my hyperdrive to my pc to implement the upgrade but the computer does not see the hyperdrive...

    I run a PC with WIndows 7 Pro

    So I have no way to upgrade the device and I'm left with a something useless...

    Very disapointing....

    Will you give us a IOS app to upgrade when the hyperdrive is connected to the iPad Pro ?

  • Adrian Tan

    No Device Found!!!! when scanning for the device on Hub PD FW Upgrade on Windows 10


    Everything isn't working with my iPad Pro 11" (12.2) with the except of USB C power.


    Why can't there be a iOS update? This is frustrating.

  • Adrian Tan

    Found a mac to update it. Works now. But I noticed a problem, it reboots my iPad while on charge. This reboot phenomenon occurs anywhere from 5 mins or 30+ mins in. Once rebooted, the Hyperdrive is no longer recognized and the only way to fix the problem is removing the Hyperdrive, shut the iPad down, turn it back on and re-connect the Hyperdrive. Pain in the butt.


  • JTA

    For those of you who aren't seeing anything when you plug in the Hyperdrive in Windows 10, this might be something to try, it worked for me.

    1) Plug in Hyperdrive to your Windows Computer

    2) Go to Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers

    3) Most likely the Hyperdrive is showing up as a Generic USB Hub (you can check this by taking note of what is listed here, unplugging the Hyperdrive and seeing if there is one less item)

    4) Check each Generic USB Hub's properties to see if you can find the Hyperdrive. (I only had one that was missing the Power and Advanced tabs so I guessed this was the Hyperdrive. The others had identifying information that was not the Hyperdrive)

    5) Disable device on this Generic USB Hub

    6) Enable device on this Generic USB Hub

    7) Hit Scan Device on the Hub PD FW Upgrade Tool.

    8) If it finds the Hyperdrive, hit Upgrade FW. If it doesn't try Steps 5 & 6 again.

    ***Note: when hitting Scan Device and Upgrade FW I got a Not Responding notice on the Upgrade Tool for a few seconds but eventually it completed the process and upgraded the firmware successfully.


  • Loek Frederiks

    On my iMac, it crashed my hub (guess too much power). On a Windows 10 PC I had to slightly modify the adapter plug (USB-C to USB-A) and for some reason play with the way you plug it in.

    Ok, the .exe detected the hub and updated the firmware.

    Contrary to what people say the Satechi V2 hub with a cable DOES not do pass-through charging, so no-go for me. There are also issues with that company's offering (also pass-through is hit or miss, audio problems etc).

    Let's see if this one works as advertised.

  • E de Groot

    I've got nothing. I even bought an adapter for USB-A to USB-C for my laptop but no device detected.

    Should i return the device? Please respond!!!

  • Roo Pigott

    This is like a really bad meme.
    You’re asking people who bought a hyperdrive for an iPad Pro, to use a firmware update made for windows? People above are listing all the crazy ways they had to update.  Taking time, transport, effort, and making weird wonderful ways to make this happen.  WTF?

    Firmware needs to be updated via the iPad Pro. IOS.  Nothing less.  Not on a friking windows PC, not even on a mac or mini mac, or MacBook or whatever else.  People bought this for the iPad Pro.  It needs to be updated via the device that people bought it for. Please focus your efforts on making a firmware update available through the iPad Pro.

  • Pat Wise

    I’m one of the early adopters of the USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 - purchased through KickStarter.

    Like another poster on this forum, my new HUB fails to charge my iPad Pro as it should and I also had to have my iPad replaced with a new one.

    My questions:  

    (1) After 4 months of promises of an IOS Firmware Update, where is it?

    (2) Why is customer support so unresponsive?

    (3) Why isn’t this forum/board being monitored and the support questions being replied to or resolved?


  • Joe

    I've upgraded my device firmware and it still doesn't work. When I attach it to my ipad pro 2018 it charges but I get no audio via the headphone jack. Worked fine last week so probably IOS13 is part of the problem here.  Only reason I bought this is for the headphone jack as this is the best solution for using a USB midi keyboard for audio making apps. Latency over bluetooth is atrocious so it was nice to find a device that allows you to connect a Midi device, power the ipad and listen to what you're playing via the headphone jack but now its become a door stop. Can someone from support please help me out? I'm kinda dead in the water here. 

    Forget about using the supplied adapter cable to connect this device to your PC to update firmware. Its a joke and doesn't work. Had to unscrew the plastic bit which allows it to hug the ipad and then try to connect it to the back of my crowded PC where the only USB-C port resides. What a joke. 

    2 devices found:
    Device(1): Depth0, V/PID = 2109/2817, FW Ver = 03C3

    PD-Device: V/PID = 2109/0103, FW Ver = 8A.24.10.14
    Device(1) Update VL817_LowPower_U1U2_Q7_03C3_ConnectedWithVL10X_5SBB_20180611.bin In Progress...
    => Upgrade successfully.
    PD-Device(1) Update VL103_App5-R8A_24_10_14_20190321-Gopod-DynamicReducePW_1.bin In Progress...
    => Upgrade successfully.
    Firmware Update Completely.

  • Kelvin

    @Joe, our support associate will reach out to you for the replacement.

    Also, please do the hard reboot.  Power off your iPad for 20 seconds, and then turn it on,  reinsert the hub and check the audio again,  Hopefully it will rectify the issue.

  • Wolfgang Mahrenholz

    I've had updated the firmware via MacOS, but it still doesn't work. The device isn't charging the iPad Pro. What else can I do?

  • Randy Dewing

    So, the only way to update this firmware is to download that unsigned .exe file from an unknown publisher with a shortened file extension to trick security software, then try to run it?  Shockingly, my organization's security protocols won't allow me to run that software.  

    Is there no way to update the firmware from the iPad Pro that I use as my primary device? know, the device that this dongle is designed to work with?  

    The dock remains pretty much useless to me without passthrough charging and without being able to recognize external storage devices. 

  • Benjamin Candari

    I’ve been using my hyper drive for more than a year mainly to access my SD or mini SD card, but I  just realized that the aux does not work.  I was successful in updating the firmware but the Aux does not work still. Did anyone have a success in getting their hyper drive’s Aux to work?  


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