Windows Firmware Update (HD319A) - for Hyperdrive iPad Pro!




  • John D. Shkolnik

    Are you assuming we can connect the top central usb-c male plug directly into the computer? There is literally no way it'll fit mine because there is an obstruction a half-inch to one side.

    I tried using a usb-c from computer into the bottom port of the HyperDrive and the PC didn't detect it.

  • jhelm704

    Hope there is a version for MacOs as I don't have a Windows laptop with USB C.

  • Chenhi Edi

    Will it work if i use mac with windows os bootcamp?


  • Nik Cooper

    Doesn't seem to work via Parallels, my Windows 10 installation doesn't recognise there is anything connected.

  • Arthur Fulford

    Fails to update on my Dell Precision 5510 running Windows 7 64Bit.

     When I select "Scan Device" I get this...

    When I select "Upgrade FW" I get this...

  • 楊仕任


  • Chris Abad

    I too get the upgrade failed message like Arthur, Help!

  • Jeffpoon68

    I just received the Hyperdrive IPad Pro 2018 yesterday. After I plugged in to my ipad, I found that it is not stable when using HDMI. I try to use power cord to charge over Hyperdrive. It worked for a few second and stop to charge. I unplugged it and try to charge the ipad directly. It don’t work! I go to Apple to repair and they change a new ipad for me. I use the new ipad and plugged the Hyperdrive to use the card reader. It work. However, I cannot charge the new ipad after plugged the Hyperdrive in. I update the Hyperdrive firmware and try again. It doesn’t work. I went to Apple to get help. They help me to restore the iOS and try. It doesn’t work! They change another new ipad for me. I’m sure there are some problems on my Hyperdrive.

    Anyone have a try on the new firmware? Can you charge the iPad after plug in the Hyperdrive?

    I don't want to be a white mouse as this is my third iPad Pro.

  • Bob File

    Anyone able to update via a virtual machine on a Mac? Device is not recognized in my Windows 10 instance.

  • Kelvin

    @John D. Shkolnik--please remove the black grip bracket with the provided screw driver, and then it should able to plug into computer or you could put the provided extension cord to get it connect to computer.

    @jhelm704, we're still working on the iOS version, appreciate your patience.

    @Chenhi Edi, it should be detected under the Bootcamp

    @Chenhi Edi @Arthur Fulford, @Chris Abad Our support associate will reach out to you for further assistance.

  • Kelvin

    @楊仕任, please check if the headphone is inserted fully.

    @Jeffpoon68 . The new firmware is a improvement and it has been tested to run safe with iPad 

  • Kristi Leed Guin

    So now I have to go buy a USB C adaptor for my computer? That’s not really acceptable, you know. I expected this device to work, and haven’t been able to use it due the charging bug, and now I need to spend more money just so I can do an update. Is there a way to get a refund on the unit instead?

  • 楊仕任

    It‘s ok now !Thanks Kelvin  ^_^

  • Alex Luthor

    When will the MacOS version be out?

    Isn't it ironic to design a product for an apple product but then release a patch that only works if you have a Windows OS? 

  • n2000ca5

    The update worked for me and the fix seems to work fine.  It seems as if you have to plug in the side of the hyperdrive (where the main USB-C connection is) into your PC.  I tried using a USC-C to USB-A cord into the PC (from the opposite side), but it didn't work. 

    I ended up buying an adapter for USC-C female connection to USB-A.  This allowed me to plug the hyperdrive directly into the PC.  It registered at first but then I got the same error message that Arthur Fulford  encountered.  I took the hyperdrive out, and flipped the hyperdrive so it was facing downward (the blue light on the hyperdrive facing down and not up), and I tried it again, and this time it was successful.  So if you get an error, try flipping the hyperdrive and see if that works for you. 

    This update fixed my headset hot-swap issue.  I did not have an issue with the charging. 

    But yes, since I was plugging this into the PC, I needed to purchase the adapter, which I bought from Amazon for under $10. 


  • Andreas Lueck

    I appreciate if you try to deliver a quick solution for your product, even if it's windows only in the beginning. But I'm looking forward getting the IOS or MacOS Version soon...

  • Mike Cirone

    I've tried the update in windows 7 and windows 10 through parallels (ran as an administrator) on Mac and i'm unable to connect to the device to update within the application. I've tried to connect the device directly to the USB-C port on my Macbook pro (13-inch, 2018 with touchbar) right side up, and upside down. I'm able to read files from the micro SD in Windows or mac, but alas, it's just not working with parallels through Windows 7 or 10.

    I'll try again tonight with the USB-C extension cable tonight and share my results. I'll also see if a colleague has a genuine windows machine with a USB-C port that I can test with. 


  • Marco Schön

    NO DEVICE FOUND! is the only message I get under Windows 10. :/

    An iOS-firmware upgrade would be much appreciated.

  • Alex Schipper

    My Windows 10 laptop won't recognize the hub, even though the blue light is on. Tips?

  • Kelvin

    @Alex Schipper @Macro Schon, please reinsert the hub, the hub will be detected.


  • Wesley Stocker

    Not tested yet on iPad, Hub not detected in first tried orientation on Windows, had to flip over, then firmware updated with success.  Compared to images shared above, I had older firmware as just delivered from Indiegogo campaign.

    2 devices found:
    Device(1): Depth0, V/PID = 2109/0817, FW Ver = 03E3

    PD-Device: V/PID = 2109/0103, FW Ver = 9A.24.06.14
    Device(1) Update VL817_LowPower_U1U2_Q7_03C3_ConnectedWithVL10X_5SBB_20180611.bin In Progress...
    => Upgrade successfully.
    PD-Device(1) Update VL103_App5-R8A_24_10_14_20190321-Gopod-DynamicReducePW_1.bin In Progress...
    => Upgrade successfully.
    Firmware Update Completely.

  • Dan Townsley

    Okay, I will be patient for another few days, but I am just perplexed that my iOS device requires a Windoze-OS device to install a firmware fix. I think if I were in Sanyo management I'd be suggesting the product manager find a job more suited to their skills.

  • Don Jewell

    My windows 10 computer does not recognize the hub no matter how I connect to the usb c port. 

    iPad not charging while in use.   Shows a lightning bolt as if it’s charging but slowly discharges.  




  • Stijn van Wely

    I have been contacting hyper support for weeks since I recieved the hub. As a solution did not come, I asked for a refund, but there seems no way to give me a refund as I bought the product through Kickstarter. Too bad, as I still cannot use the product and paid enough for it (duties included). The firmware solution hyper offers does not work for me, so what’s next??? Emails to hyper support are no longer answered. 

    Why, if a money refund really isn’t possible, don’t you give your backers a voucher for a well-tested other product from your store?

  • Marco Schön

    I finally got the firmware update installed. Parallels didn't work, a windows PC with USB-C ports which I loaned from a friend worked at last.

    A firmware update directly via iOS would be much more convenient. ;)

  • Bob File

    I was able to apply the firmware update using a Windows 10 PC and a usb-c adapter.

  • Kelvin

    @Dan Townsley . @Don Jewell @Stijn van Wely

    Our support associate is reaching out to you to resolve the issue.



  • Guarascialessandro

    Always, "no device found". No way to upgrade


  • Gokhan Bas

    I don’t get it. You guys didn’t test charging from iPad charger? You didn’t test hot swap for audio? What did you test? And why are you offering this only on Windows, the dinosaur OS that no iPad Pro user would use?

  • Don Jewell

    Ended up going into my local computer repair place and they hooked me up!

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