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(Experiencing Issues?) Resetting your Mac System Management Controller (SMC) can be a solution.



  • Martin Johnson

     I am experiencing a connection issue with hyper-drive, duo hub for USB-C MacBook Pro number 19360028A01. I'm using a MacBook Pro 2019 with Catalina OS. Finder keeps notifying me that the disc is not ejected properly. I am using a SD card to transfer images. While I try to Read, Write or look at the images I keep getting a notification on my MacBook. I have attached a screenshot of that notification.

  • Jesse Tönnessen

    also my Duo hub (HD28C) is not working, i have a macbook pro m1. it has been working fine for a long time but since a few days my hub LED won't turn on, and i can not use any extern ssd's or other cabels, charging works but thats it.  These hubs cost alot of money (80-90 euro's here in the netherlands) for that kind of money i don't expect any problems!

  • Brian2evenson

    I have to keep doing this to keep the drive working.  Or I have to remove for a few days and let it cool down to get things to work.  I thought this drive would be awesome but have not been very happy with this drive.  If there was a permanent fix I would love it.



    Brian E.

  • Revschockman

    Since the update to Big Sur 11.2.1 the only port working on my Duo 7-in-2 (HD28C) is the power port, regardless of how many times these resets are done.

    Apple says the third party device manufacturer needs to update the firmware or drivers for the hub's function to be restored. Without that update I'll need to spend hundreds of dollars to restore the set up that the Duo affords me.  I'd really rather not spend the money, but may not have a choice.  Please help.


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