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(Experiencing Issues?) Resetting your Mac System Management Controller (SMC) can be a solution.



  • Brian2evenson

    I have to keep doing this to keep the drive working.  Or I have to remove for a few days and let it cool down to get things to work.  I thought this drive would be awesome but have not been very happy with this drive.  If there was a permanent fix I would love it.



    Brian E.

  • Martin Johnson

     I am experiencing a connection issue with hyper-drive, duo hub for USB-C MacBook Pro number 19360028A01. I'm using a MacBook Pro 2019 with Catalina OS. Finder keeps notifying me that the disc is not ejected properly. I am using a SD card to transfer images. While I try to Read, Write or look at the images I keep getting a notification on my MacBook. I have attached a screenshot of that notification.


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