GN28B HyperDrive DUO USB-C Hub does not fit or gets detected by 2018 MacBook Pro



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  • Stef Klaassen

    I've just bought a 2018 MacBook Pro and wanted an easy way to connect all my devices to it so I also ordered the HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2. It does not fit at all. "Some pressure" is definitely not enough. I've put a massive amount of pressure on it - endangering my brand new MBP - and finally got it working. I will be in fear each time I try to put it in or out though, since it isn't smooth at all. 

    In fact, at after numerous attempts I was going to say here it was not working at all. Until I tried it on the other (right) side, where it went with relative ease. But the device is made to be used on the left side. So I tried again there heightening the amount of pressure even more and got it working. 

    Since it doesn't appear to be supporting my Dell P2415Q either (using a DP-over-USB-C cable) I won't be using it much anyway. Only when I occasionally need USB 3 or HDMI. 

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