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Does HyperDrive SLIM support two extended monitors/displays?



  • Geoff Rothman

    According to this article, there are many models that support MST in MacOS...check their chart for the latest:

  • Marko Koski-Vahala

    What about Ubuntu? Is extended displays supported?

  • Bas Spoorenberg

    I have a DELL 13" XPS laptop and MST does not work with the 8 in one slim Hyper Drive. It simply mirrors the screen. On the DELL proprietary hub, also equipped with both HDMI and Displayport and connected through a single USB-C cable, it however can support the multiple screens. 
    If you say the product should support it, given the PC hardware can deal with it, how would you explain this?

    any insights welcome.

    Thanks, Sebastian.


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