How to setup the HyperDrive Wireless Charger USB-C hub?

First, please plug in the USB-C power adapter to the rear USB-C port .



Second, use the supplied USB-C cable to connect the hub to computer from the side USB-C port.


Having the hub connected to computer, all the ports on the hub will be operative.

If the hub is not connected to computer, and only with the plugged in power adapter.  It becomes a wireless charging stand. (ports on the hub is non-operative)



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    Cameron Usman

    The HyperDrive Wireless Charger USB-C Hub I received did not come with any USB-C Power Adapter.

    Please advice me on what I need to get it charging and working as a USB-C Hub.

    Right now, I can only get it to work as Wireless Charger, but the USB-C Hub functionality remains dormant.

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    @Cameron, you must have a computer with USB-C port in order get all the ports on the hub to function.  Without connecting to a computer with USB-C port, it can only be a wireless charging hub.

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