Ethernet port is not working




  • Mark Kitts

    I tried all these steps.  None work.  Any other ideas?  

    FYI - I have a new 2018 MacBook Pro running OSX Sierra 10.13

  • Kelvin

    Please reboot your MacBook and see if it rectify the issue.

  • Ty Brewer

    I have this same problem anytime after waking my 2017 MacBook Pro from Sleep. No Ethernet. If I unplug the USB-C Hub, wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in, my ethernet connectivity is then restored.

    Presumably, some type of bug in the HyperDrive wireless charger USB-C Hub that will require a firmware update?!?

  • Jeffrey Chajes

    Not working. 

  • Dylan Rhea

    I have the same issue on a new 8 in 1 Slim USB-C device. All ports work fine except for ethernet on a brand new MacBook Pro 13". The Network Utility shows the link status as "Active" on the Ethernet/en5 interface, but the LAN connection pulls no IP address and will not connect to a port that is definitely hot.

    Posted here as there does not appear to be a forum set up for this device yet. 


  • Dylan Rhea

    Follow-up: the Ethernet port started working successfully once the connection to the computer was disconnected and reconnected. For some reason, the Ethernet connection was not activating if the USB-C connection was already in place. 

  • Joss

    Hey guys, did you have to install an Ethernet driver (kernel extension etc.), or does the 8-in-1 SLIM work out of the box? Thank you.

    (I'm asking, because with hubs by CableMatters you need to install a driver first.)

  • Sam Plex



    You don't need a driver, I just received the 8-in-1 SLIM and works with MacOS with no drivers installed.

  • Dylan Rhea

    Agreed, no drivers needed.

  • Morgan Lee

    What is the Ethernet controller chipset in this model ? Thanks in advance.

  • Sam Plex

    @morgan Lee: Realtek

  • Morgan Lee

    May I know the chipset Number ?
    Is RealTek RTL8153 USB3.0 ?

  • Feather Flag

    My ethernet port stopped working 3 days ago.  I have tested various cables and they all work.  I have another USB-C adaptor for my MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15" and it works with both cable and both USB-C ports on the right side of the computer. The USB ports and HDMI port work on the hub.  The ethernet port stopped working for me after moving the charging pad from the upright to the horizontal position. Is their a warranty or repair process?  I like the idea of the product but only a couple of months of use are a BIG bummer.

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