HDMI port is not working




  • kooru

    hmm it is not working


  • Kelvin

    @Kooru Please email to support@hypershop.com for the detail of the issue.

  • Victor

    My HDMI port was working well for past week of using with my 2018 MBP. Now it seems the HDMI port on the hyperdrive has gotten loose, now my monitor is losing display signal intermittently or with a shake of the usb-C cable.

    I have ruled out the cable as an issue as its still works well with my other usb-C devices (connected to same 2018 MBP). Also I noticed using Apple supplied usb-C cable, I totally get no signal to HDMI monitor.

    Note: power adapter usb-c cable is connected to the back of hyperdrive unit, with the 2018 MBP usb-c cable connected to the side of hyperdrive unit.

  • Kelvin

    @Victor. please send email to support@hypershop.com, our support associate will reach out to you for replacement.

  • jason pollock

    Maybe this should be detailed on the purchase page, before someone buys your product? I just spent another $25 for a display port --> hdmi adapter only to plugin it in and still not work.

  • Kelvin

    @Jason Pollock.

    The FAQ link  is posted on the product page.https://www.hypershop.com/products/hyperdrive-7-5w-wireless-charger-stand-usb-c-hub



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