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How to connect two monitors in extended view through the Duo Hub



  • Chris Kuhar

    At this point I do not use the hyperdrive at all.  The point was to be able to use MiniDP and HDMI, as it was advertised on your website.  It did not explain a limitation that the Mini DP only works for monitors which are no longer produced. 

    May I return this for a full refund?



  • Kelvin

    @Chris Kuhar

    If the item was purchased from and within the returned period, please send email to for further assistance.  If the item is purchased from else where, please contact the seller.

  • Doitfordavis

    I have a Hyperdrive Pro 8-in-2 and the monitor connect to the HDMI port incessantly blinks. I paid $120 for it and I just don't use it now as well. 

    Any help? I have had it for a few months but it stoped working just after a month of ownership.



  • Kelvin


    Please do the hard reboot on MacBook.  Power it off completely first and then turn it on again.

    If the issue remain the same, please send email to for replacement.

  • Kalle Norman

    I have the same issue. 
    Connected a normal working HP-display 
    via the HyperDrive hub, HDMI to HDMI cable, and the monitor blinks every 3-4 seconds.
    This symptom showed up immediatelly after connecting the display and the hub is new.

    I've tried with charger cable (original Apple) attached and without,
    with other ports as USB attached and without. 
    Tried different resolutions and refresh rates, but blinking does not stop.

    Is there anything else I can test before contacting Amazon for replacement?

    Best regards



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