How to connect 2 monitors in extended view mode?




  • Anonymous

    Just to be clear it is not possible to connect two external displays using the HDMI and MiniDP?

    So you can only use the HDMI in combination with a USB-C to HDMI/DVI or VGA?

    If this is the case then what is the point of a dock using both USB-C/Thunderbolt ports on the MacBook Pro, if you can't use both the HDMI and MiniDP, then what is the point of building both into the dock.

    So the situation that i have is, that i have 2 external displays that are connect with a HDMI cable and the other one is connected with a MiniDP to DisplayPort cable, i have 1 USB-C/Thundebolt cable to charge the MacBook Pro, 1 USB-C to Ethernet adapter and 1 USB-A to lightning cable to connect my iPhone to the MackBook Pro.

    By the way, if this dock had a ethernet port and was compatible with using a HDMI port and MiniDP at the same time for 2 external displays, then it would be the Ultimate Dock.

    So if any one has a solution, please let me know.

  • AJ

    Anonymous - I'm not sure you'll ever see this but here is my set-up for what it's worth.

    2017 MBP non-touchbar, using the Hyper Drive GN28B-GRAY model. I have connected HDMI - HDMI for one monitor, and USB-C - HDMI for a second monitor. 

    (edited to say my HyperDrive continues to work flawlessly despite some issues with cheap cables)

  • Kelvin

    @AJ, if there is no signal from USB-C to HDMI, please remove the cable from the hub and wait for 30 seconds.  After that plug it in again, the video signal should be on again.

    When you plug in or unplug cable/device from the hub, please use one hand to press and hold the hub to prevent any disconnection on other devices.

  • Anonymous

    @AJ, I was forced to do the same use a USB-C to HDMI, these cables are not that cheap. The dock combined with this special cable does suffice to my needs. It would still be a nice touch if a dock came out that had video outputs that you could use at the same time.

  • AJ

    @Kelvin - always on top of things with the super fast reply! After swapping various things around, I believe the issue is actually with my USB-C to HDMI cable, not the Hyper Drive or the monitor. I'll try another when I have time to run by the store and see if that remedies the problem. ::edit- the new cable fixed my issue and the hyperdrvie is working perfectly.::


  • Brett Clark

    Re HyperDrive GN28D PRO 8-IN-2 USBC hub. Hi Kelvin, great new port, I hope these are better than my hyper juice which failed famously (request #, and after great aftermarket support from yourself still didn’t get a resolution. I have a 13in MacBook Pro with touchbar, 500gb SSD and 16gb RAM. Anyway my question is, will the mini display port support a 27in Apple LED Cinema Display with mini display port (Not the Thunderbolt Display), eg: to make the screen work (when the MacBook lid is closed) I will need an adapter that has a power pass through. Can I also connect a second 27in Apple LED Cinema Display via the HDMI (with a HDMI to mini display port adaptor)??? Thanks

  • Đặng Nhật Minh

    Is it support triple exrended monitors.
    If yes, how to do that ?
    If no, are there any hub support it ?

  • Kelvin

    @Đặng Nhật Minh

    If you have the MacBook Pro with touch bar, you could get another USBC hub to plug it into the other side of MacBook for another 2 extended monitors.  Otherwise, I do not see a way to connect total 3 monitors at one side.



  • David Erickson


    Is there some kind of high level logical wiring diagram available for how the signals flowing out of the MBP are routed through this hub?  Specifically I have the following questions:

    • Your docs state that the second USBC port does not support video, so I assume the signal coming from the MBP is being stripped from that port, and is it redirected directly to the HDMI port?
    • Can the HDMI port and the displayport be used at the same time?  Or are they sharing the same signal from the laptop (either or)?
    • To confirm, does this hub contain any actual video/graphics chip, or is it simply pass through of signals coming out of the laptop?
    • If I need to drive 2 displayport monitors, can I use the displayport + a usbc -> displayport cable (hooked to the primary port)?  (Your FAQ doesn't discuss this use case)
    • Are there any limitations on the supported resolutions/refresh rates on any of the ports that are different than the signals coming straight out of the laptop?


  • Keith Wiles

    I have two monitors one can take HDMI or USB-c. At this point I am using the monitor with USB-c to power my laptop. The other monitor is one of apples 27" monitor and that one only has mini-display port. On the first display I am using one of the HDMI to connect to a different system.

    If I do not use the USB-c port from the monitor then I have to use another USB-c port on the laptop for power losing that extra port. Do they make a min-display port female to HDMI male would that work from the apple display?

  • James Williamson

    Can you use a USB-C to VGA adapter with a VGA-VGA cable to the monitor?

  • Kelvin

    @James Williamson,

    technically it should work.  However, I am still keen to USB-C to VGA cable. It simplifies the connection.

  • Denis Bochko

    I am still confused. I am thinking of getting it if anybody can confirm that I can run one usb-c 4k@60hz an another 4k@60Hz via HDMI or that miniDP, does not matter, the monitor takes either.

    is that possible?


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