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Audio jack is not working



  • David Simba Di Maria

    i just bought the hub for my ipad pro, the aux is not working now!

  • Sasi Kelam

    I have the same problem, is this firmware issue or hardware issue. How do I get it replaced ?

  • Jim Arthur

    I purchased the GN30B to use with a Galaxy Tab s6.  The audio jack does not work when I plug a HDMI cable into the hub.  Is there a fix or a workaround?

  • wang da-wei

    Im having the same problem, the audio jack is not working when when the hub is connected with my iPad Pro. Why there are no answers here?

  • Melvin Hicks

    Just purchased this & out the box the audio port isn’t working. Is there a fix for this??

  • Nic Malone

    I’m having the same non-working audio jack issue with the 6-in-1 Hub on my iPad Pro 2018. The suggested ‘system preferences’ fix is for Macs. Is there a fix for iPads?


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