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iUSBport Mini Firmware update



  • Jan S

    I followed the instructions above, and can connect to the USBport mini by WiFi from my iPad but can still only view the following folders: App, PTP, webdav. There is no C or D (I have a 64 GB microSD card inserted and have saved a couple of test files (MS Word and pdf) to it but can't see them either). It seems as though the firmware update did not install? Please note that I did NOT change the name of the file when I saved it to USBport Mini. This is really frustrating as I bought this device in order to take files on a trip with me tomorrow.

  • Kelvin

    Hi Jan S.

    The firmware v14 does not address the 64GB issue.  Please prepare a micro SD card 32GB or less, insert it into the iUSBport Mini and plug it into computer.  After that, save the attached firmware "IUSBMINI.SEF" into iUSBport Mini, keep the file name as it is.

    Eject the iUSBport Mini from computer and power up the device.  The 4 LEDs will light up and start flashing from Orange LED for firmware update.  Wait till all the LEDs go off, then the firmware update is completed and it should detect the 64GB micro SD card.


  • Nikolay Pasechny

    I can not see the firmware number in the setup menu. And I can not change the default SSID (WLAN Master) Sanho_iUSBmini7772 to any othe one.




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