iUSBport/CloudFTP Firmware V30 (Latest)




  • Karl
    Where is the download link
  • Kelvin

    Hi Kari,

    There is no download link, the firmware v29 file name "WD7START.SEF" is attached.  Please copy it into the USB flash drive and insert it to the unit to proceed firmware update.

  • Miroslav Czadek

    During process of upgrade from V25 to V29 I have following message : Update Fail! Too Fat

    I am using standard 2GB  storage device. What is the problem?

  • Kelvin

    To Miroslav

    Please make sure the file name is same as "WD7START.SEF" I would suggest you to reformat the 2GB USB flash drive and do it again.

  • Alexander

    WHERE IS download link? What a sense to give firmware update list w/o possibilities to DL it.

  • Kelvin

    To Alexander

    The firmware v30 file "WD7START.SEF" is attached in the link, just save it into a USB flash drive and keep the file name as it is.


  • Thorsten Holighaus
    Hi, i have Problems about the Speed with the New v30. Videos Takes Long to load in Oplayer etc. Änderungen nö Name resultions like iusbport ist Funktion.
  • Pascal Braig

    How about finally suppoerting a 4TB drive with v31 ?


    Also: How is that iUSBPort2 coming along ?

  • Steve Tester
    How can I update firmware using iPhone. I'm on holidays with no PC & would like new photo viewer that is with new firmware.
  • Marvin Bjornson

    Link finnally worked... Hope I can now use my port with myiPAD

  • Kelvin

    To Steve Tester,

    Please refer the instruction link below "How to Update firmware without computer?"



  • Kelvin

    To Pascal Braig,

    The iUSBport support up to 2TB only (it's internal hardware limitation)

    Please call in 1.888.202.1888 for detail about the iUSBport2


  • karen

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  • andrius

    after i updated my iusb port from v29 to v30, my goodplayer is not reading files on my atached hard to iusb port..??


  • andrius

    where can i find the v29 link to downgrade it?


  • andrius

    actually it works on i phone..just not on ipad..

  • Kelvin

    Hi Andrius,  please send email to support@hypershop.zendesk.com for the v29 firmware.

  • M. Charvát

    All version including v30 are bugged! I have iPad 4 ios 7.0.4 and I have to reboot iUSBport because every time I watchin my damn movies using whatever player it stops stream, stops http and other servers (timeout). I am really upset of this bugged firmwares!

  • M. Charvát

    v30: Additional info: when video stream stops and I am trying open the it says wifi media kit stopped, please reset it!. 

  • Dave Mac

    With V29 I could connect via web browser via http://iusb or http://192.168.0.X or GoodReader with ftp://iusb.... but with V30 I can no longer use the name but only the numerical IP address. Did something change?

  • Dennis Parrott

    as a funder of the kickstarter for this device, i am DISGUSTED. the V30 firmware FIXED NOTHING. i can't even connect to my cloudftp anymore. i get the ridiculous "WiFi media kit stopped to working" error.

    v29 had issues with iOS v7 so i updated to v30 and now it is completely and hopelessly broken.

    is there an ETA for v31 so i can try that? (not that i have any hope that it will actually solve anything...)

  • Kelvin

    To Dennis,

    the error "WiFi media kit stopped to working" is not because the issue from iUSBport.  It's  most likely the WiFi on iPad has to changed to recpnnect to the previous WiFi network.  Please check the WiFi setting on iPad. 

    The v30 does fix the issue of WiFi connection in iOS7 without going to the Login white page.


  • Dennis Parrott
    I connect from any iOS device now and the connection appears fine in the settings app. When I try to interact with the cloudftp/iusbsport it takes some time and then I get nothing.

    The wifi media kit comes from the iusbsport app when I try to connect to the cloudftp/iusbsport device.

    The firmware has gotten steadily worse, not better. V30 is complete toast as far as I can see.

    If I had a full set of the firmware files, I'd go backward until I found one that still worked ok. It used to work!
  • Kelvin

    To Dennis and Dave Mac

    The firmware version v29 for iUSBport can be downloaded at:


    Regarding the issue with v30, please try the following suggestion:

    1.) On the iPad/iPhone WiFi, select Forget the "iUSBport"

    2.) Clear the Safari cookies and history

    3.) and reboot the iPad/iPhone.


  • Dennis Parrott


    I tried the 3 step process you recommended. It had mixed results. First I forgot the iUSBport network, cleared Safari's data and rebooted. Then I connected a Western Digital My Passport drive (1TB WDBACX0010BBK-01) which worked perfectly fine before the V30 firmware was applied. This drive is no longer seen by the iUSBport device. I can connect via WiFi to the iUSBport and use Safari to connect. But I do not see the hard drive at all.

    I then switched to a 1.5 TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex. This drive was seen by the iUSBport but when you connect via Safari you get a completely wonky display. Screenshots of this ugly mess are attached...

    This is maddening. The MyPassport drive ALWAYS WORKED! I was only able to use the 1.5TB GoFlex after I updated the firmware long ago (when it was still called CloudFTP)

    So I downgraded to V29 and found that my ability to read the MyPassport drive was broken in V29. (but the display was no longer wonky like you see in the 2 attached photos...)

    I then booted the iUSBport and plugged in the 1.5TB GoFlex. The iUSBport saw the drive and I could interact with the files but I had the completely wonky display as seen in the attached screenshots.

    At this point, I am sorry I even own this thing. It started off with real promise but the firmware updates are not delivering that promise.


    photo 2.PNG
    photo 1.PNG
  • Vladimir I. Yershov


    The header of the WD7START.SEF file uploaded here is WD70030 20131025, so, I guess it is V30.
    My iUSBPort reports V29:20130328 162607

    When I tried to upgrade the FW - nothing happened, although cloudftp.app was installed OK.

    So, what is the reason iUSB did not recognize the FW?

  • Andrea Amedeo

    Hi....the download link for the latest firmware is not working. Can you fix this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Kelvin

    @Andrea, I just tested the link and it was working fine.  Otherwise please send me email to support@hypershop.zendesk.com, I will send you an email with firmware attachment.

  • Andrea Amedeo
    I've tried again without any success but apart from this, I think my CloudFtP need a little fix because it always freezes when i plug any usb drive. 80% of the time is not working and it's like brand new because I've never used It since I've found it a couple of days ago after losing it in my room. It's the Kickstarter edition.

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