Mac Application (for OSX 10.8 or latest)




  • Budd

    Some videos along with this app sure would be a BIG Help.

  • BigE LA

    I have tried several ways to link this to my iUSBportCAMERA with out any luck, I have tried with a different OS X (10.9 and 10.10).  I am able to link up on the WiFi, iUSBport, but the app does not find any devises.

  • Jacio

    Why do the technical specification still only mention 10.8 and 10,9 only?

    Will there ever be a definitive OSX app?

  • Kelvin

    @ Jacio

    The Mac OS X app works with 10.8 and 10.9 or latest only.

  • Wing Liu

    Files cannot save to folder.  

    AV Exposure aperture figure is OK but time figure cannot change on control panel.

    If can use 5 - 7 exposures to do HDR would be great.

    Also, setting keep moving by themselves in settings.

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