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iUSBport Camera firmware v42 (Latest)



  • John

    Where can I find the change log?

  • Éric Cardinal

    I just received my new iUSBportCamera, and the latest install is v39 !!  But, the only available is 37!!

  • Doug Askew

    Done but wonder whether 1.4 is newest version


  • Jacio

    Please be more specific for this firmware update.

    If you are on OSX prepare a USB drive WITHOUT the GUID partitioning. Use the old OSX formatting HFS.

  • Jacio

    Edit. Apparently for OSX users; USB drives have to be formatted EXFAT. Apple formats are not recognized.

    Something to remember if you haven't used anything non Mac for over ten years...

  • Tim Harrison

    Any chance you are going to add support for the Nikon D3300?

  • Vitaly Baranenkov

    Hello there.

    I need your advice. The thing is that I've got iUSBport Camera and I've updated it up to firmware v42.

    The unit was updated successfully. I also have a Canon EOS 1Dx with the latest version of updating 2.0.7 and I also have iPad Air2 IOS 8.4.

    I installed software (iusbport camera v1.4) for my iPad Air2 IOS 8.4, all functions/options are working great, except tap touch focus live view.

    Woud you pls help me with adivice ? What shoud I do correctly to make this option work. Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you and best regard, Vitaliy.

  • Clint Ward

    I keep getting "FW Ignored" on the iUSBportCAMERA's screen, on start up with the USB device connected to the iUSBportCAMERA unit.

    Mac OSX 10.11.5 using the latest IUSBPCAM.SEF file on a SanDisk 8GB USB Flash Drive formatted as ExFAT.

    How do I update the firmware please?

  • Tricia

    that did the trick  Thanks!!!

  • Kelvin

    Hi Tricia

    Glad to hear it is in working now and thanks for the update.

    Hope you will be enjoying using the iUSBport Camera.


  • Russ Widstrand

    Please use version number in filename so we know if we are up to date or not. Thanks.


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