ColorSpace UDMA firmware v29




  • eli stern

    did all that but the unit won't see the update file.


  • Kelvin

    @eli, please send us the images on the UDMA device to

  • eli stern

    1  the update file to my mac

    2 put it on sd card

    3 copy the file to C drive

    4 tried to update from C an from the sd card won't work - it won't see the update file.

    5 in file mode the udma3 see the file on both places 

    6 what am i doing wrong?


  • Kelvin

    @Eli, which UDMA do you have?  If you have the UDMA3, this firmware is not compatible because it is for the ColorSpace UDMA, not UDMA3.


  • eli stern
    i bought last week from you the colorspace udma 3
    the system is with  the 26 version of the firmware
    is this the highest  one?
    Eli Stern


  • Kelvin

    @Eli, yes the v26 is the latest version in UDMA3.

  • Judith Rodriguez

    I have Colorspace UDMA  3

    Which is the correct  firmware update I should use?

  • Kelvin


    This firmware link is for the ColorSpace UDMA model, not for the UDMA3 model.

    Go to the Settings from Main Menu > Firmware > Version.  The firmware for UDMA3 should be at v42.  Any question, please send email to


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