ColorSpace UDMA Firmware V39 (Latest)




  • Marc Hoffman

    NOTE: This file is not a Windows or Mac file, so bother trying to open it on your computer. It's meant to be read by the ColorSpace, so download it to a flash card using these instructions:

    Copy the downloaded file to your ColorSpace device (can be via a flash card)
    Go to Function > Firmware Update
    Navigate to find the file within the device (You can use the left and right arrows to go inside folders)
    Select the Firmware fil
    Expect a confirmation alert that the firmware has been updated.
  • Marc Hoffman

    oops..meant to write "so DON'T bother trying to open it on your computer." Sorry ;)

  • Mike Mahaffey

    I get a error message FileRead error when trying to access it from a CF card

  • Kelvin

    To Mike Mahaffey

    For the FileRead error, please refer the link below:


  • mathias

    the file has less then 1 mb after download …. i tried safari, firefox and chrome!

    there's something wrong

  • Kelvin


    The file size is correct.  Please note, this firmware is for the first generation ColorSpace UDMA, not for the ColorSpace UDMA2.

  • Fredy Tschui


    I have the same problem (read error). File size is 897KBIs there a Firmware archive anywhere? I like to upgrade from my version 29 to a newer one



  • Kelvin

    @Marc, the read error occurs if you press the center key button, instead of selecting the firmware file name and hit enter.

    If the firmware v39 is saved into the root directory of UDMA, please press the right arrow cursor key on "C"  and the select the file name and hit center button.

    If it is still not working, please send us email to


  • Vyacheslav

    Do you have Firmware to address ExFAT from GoPro camera?

    GoPro3 failes are not copy to ColorSpace UDMA. Rrror.

  • Kelvin

    @Vyacheslav, it is due to the hardware limitation in ColorSpace UDMA that does not support EXFAT format.

  • Vyacheslav

    Will there be a new version firmware for ColorSpace UDMA to address ExFAT?

  • Kelvin

    @Vyacheslav, since it is the hardware limitation in UDMA that does not support EXFAT format, so firmware update won't able to address the issue.

  • Vyacheslav

    Kelvin, thanks. 

  • Kenneth

    Is there a link for firmware v31 for udma 3?

  • Kelvin

    @ Kenneth, we will send you a dropbox link to download the firmware v31 for UDAM3.

  • luc

    Where can I find the latest firmware for UDMA 3 ?

    Thank you

  • Alkiviadis Tsitsigkos

    Hello there,


    I am in need of the firmware update for UDMA3. Also when I try to create a file and Import data in the newly created file I get this error message: 

    "unable to synchronize data from/to the root folder udma3"

    I also get that when I am trying to do incremental back ups.


    Any ideas ?

  • Sergio Souza

    Same here. Where can I find the latest firmware for UDMA3?


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