Firmware to address ExFAT from GoPro camera




  • Markus Iofcea

    will give it a shot. What I realized directly is that the Version shown on the UDMA2 device shows V12. Is that correct?

  • Kelvin

    @Markus, since it's the BETA version for internal testing, so the version is showing v12.

  • Markus Iofcea

    Looks like we are on the right track with the gopro. I am able to read the 64GB sd card now with the UDMA2, which I was not able up until now. 

    @Kelvin: any ETA by when we can expect the final release?

  • Markus Iofcea

    Any updates on this beta and GA date?

  • Vyacheslav

    Do you have Firmware to address ExFAT from GoPro camera for ColorSpace UDMA (NOT UDMA2)?

  • Kelvin


    For the ColorSpace UDMA, it is the hardware limitation that does not support ExFAT format.


  • Markus Iofcea

    @Kelvin Do you have news for us regarding the next final release of the UDMA2 Firmware? I am very much interested in seeing this firmware stable, since I rely on GoPro for my work.

  • glospete

    Any news re the latest firmware update (for GoPro)? Or is the Beta firmware stable? 

  • Kelvin


    The Beta firmware is working stable with GoPro camera.

  • Sasha

    I don't understand why it's July, 2015 and this release is still in Beta after almost a year and a half?  Did the company go under or something?  Or are they just dragging their feet?

  • Sasha

    Beta or not, my CDMA2 v35 could read my 64 GB SDXC C10 U3 card in exFAT, but for some reason, it could not read my 512 GB card in the exact same speed and format.  I installed this beta firmware and now it reads both cards, no problem!  I'm excited it worked, thanks!

  • Kelvin

    @Sasha.  It is not a beta version.  I have updated the post.  

  • Bryn Forbes

    Unfortunately this version (V12 20140312) doesn't seem to allow me to read my 256GB compact flash (exfat formatted). It says "unknown file system!" (didn't work with V30 either)

  • Bryn Forbes

    reporting back, after reformatting in windows with "default allocation size" (when I chose format it had 256kb selected) I was able to both take pictures on the card with my canon dslr and read it on my hyperdrive colorspace udma2 (at least with this firmware)

  • Jörg Knörchen


    still no new public version of the beta firmware?

    I wonder if there will be one at the end, now that the new UDMA 3 is out?!

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