ColorSpace UDMA2 Firmware V35 (Latest)




  • Volker Gottwald

    I can't see a link to the firmware file on this page. Help please.

  • Kelvin

    Hi Volker

    We're updating the firmware now, the new one will be v35.  It will be posted here soon.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Andy Marchand

    Hi Kelvin

    Do you already know, when "soon" will be? ;-)


  • Muc Nguyen

    Was hoping to see support for exFAT files larger than 4gig for Blackmagic pocket Prores files that was lacking in v33.  If you have a Blackmagic Pocket don't bother buying the UDMA2.

    What has been updated in this v35 anyway?

  • Umbershoot

    Yes, please add support for files larger than 4GB. This is crucial for video people. Thanks.

  • Terry Hargraves

    I get a file open error on the device every time I try to update from v30 to v35. Have downloaded straight to device, to pc hard drive and transfer via usb, to pc hard drive and transfer via CF, all have the same error.

  • Kelvin

    To Terry

    Please follow the steps below to update firmware:

    1.) Go to Setting > Firmware > Update

    2.) Press the Right arrow cursor key to access into "G" drive to access into memory card or "C" drive if the the firmware is stored in ColorSpace unit.  ( Do not press the center key button)

    3.) Then select the file name of firmware ( not the file starts with ._, it is an index file) and hit center key button to run update.

    If the issue is still not resolved, please send send us email to



  • Harald

    Same problem over here too. Unit came with V30 firmware, update doesn't work. I've tried both via HDD and SD card, both don't work. Ensured that there is only the PD*.SFP file. V30 doesn't seem to correctly detect the file and shows update to V?(?) and then fails. Please help!

  • Terry Hargraves

    Harald, as a career IT geek, I thought I was doing what they said, but the key turned out to be the part about pressing the arrow cursor key and not the center key. Makes no sense at all, but pressing the right arrow instead of the center button to select the file fixed the problem.

  • Terry Hargraves

    But Harald, beware! After I updated the firmware the WiFi module doesn't work anymore!

  • Harald

    Thanks for the info: customer supported guided me through the update process and it was exactly as Terry said; pressing the OK button on the drive is the culprit, must use the right cursor key instead. After that was sorted out, upgrade went smooth. Terry, I don't had any problems with my WiFi module after update ... it works as expected, albeit it drains the battery quite fast and causes spurious low battery warnings.

  • Terry Hargraves

    I contacted them about my failed wifi and they are sending me a new wifi module, no questions asked and no return needed. I'm not terribly impressed with the build quality on these things, but I am VERY impressed with their customer service!


  • Daniel Hurtubise

    Worked perfectly for me (update to V35)
    Is anyone using large SSD (512GB)  by any chance?

  • Marco Bodini

    Same problem with wifi module here. As I update to the beta firmware for goPro before trying wifi module, I can't say if it was previously working. I'm chatting with Angelo and Kelvin on a dedicated discussion trying to solve this. For who want to see the video of this, here's the link:

  • Alexey Dorogan

    Hi Kelvin!

    Firmware V.35 ( and oldest) does not support SD card with the cluster size is 64 kilobytes

    Please HELP!!!

    Kind regards


  • Kelvin

    @Alexey Dorogan   is the SD card in exFAT format?  If yes, please provide me your email address I will send you a beta firmware v36 to try it.


  • Alexey Dorogan
    I bad speak English
    I'll try to explain
    My device ( Lukas BLACK BOX ) formats the SD card to FAT32 with a cluster size of 64kb.
    To change these parameters is impossible.
    Is there a firmware for colorspace UDMA2 supports FAT32 format 64 kb?
    Or is it possible to make this firmware?
    Thank You
    Best regards
  • Evgeniyorel

    Tell me please, internal microSD card is broken so I have put another one, clear one at it's place . How can I install the system on this card? Becouse when I am loading from SD card and I want update firmware it is writing "HDD file system error"

  • Andrey

    After upgrade to the V.35 device began to work unstably.

    The device hangs in different positions of the menu;

    at connection to the Windows PC:

    - it is impossible to copy files on the PC;

    - the device is spontaneously switched-off from the PC.

    I will forgive to the help.

    Perhaps, it will be reasonable to make a device downgrade to the initial version.

  • Kelvin

    @Evgeniyorel.  I afraid you have to send in the UDMA2 to SANHO USA for repair.  User can not simply replace it with another micro SD card because the internal micro SD card is encrypted with code to work with UDMA2 device.

    Please contact and ask for RMA number to send in your device, thanks.


  • Kelvin

    @Andrey.  Upgraded to v35 should not cause any issue to connect to computer.

    Please make sure the unit is off totally when it is connected to computer, and the USB cable is connected to the mini uSB port next to the DC connector on the device, NOT the mini USB port next to SD slot.


  • Debabrata Roy

    Please add support for ExFAT and or NTFS.  Otherwise using HyperDrive ColorSpace UDMA2 on location is pointless for professionals, who needs to dump large amounts of data regularly.



  • Wilson Carrilho

    My color space udma does not recognize memory card Lexar 16-32 gb 60 mb / s, has some support to solve this?

  • Kelvin

    @Wilson Carrilho

    Please insert the Lexar card to UDMA2 first before powering up the unit.

  • Mark Musante

    I just got this unit yesterday. It's running version 35 of the firmware. It doesn't recognise any of my sdhc cards (SanDisk 16gb, Sony 32gb, Sony 64gb). It shows "Searching Card" for about 2-3 seconds and then says "Memory card not found!" even though it's finding the memory card. If I try to do an import without the memory card plugged in, the "Searching Card" text shows up for about a tenth of a second so I know it's finding *something* when the card is plugged in.

  • Jesus Adolfo Ramos
    I need help, please I inclose some pictures in which you can see what happens when I start my Colorspace udm2: What can I do?

  • Kelvin

    @Jesus Adolfo, please open up the back cover casing and remove the internal hard disk.  You will see a micro SD card in a middle of battery slot, make sure the micro SD card is push in.  If the micro SD card is broken, please send email to for replacement.

  • flona

    Hi there,
    I am using Color Space UDMA2 with V35 firmware, but it couldn't read the new Sand Disk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDHCI 3 10, 16 GB, i am using iMac for my computer, any solution?

  • Kelvin


    Please insert the Sandisk CF card to the unit before powering up.  After the unit is powered on, it should read the card.

    If it is still not working, please send email to


  • Bryn

    Any chance of getting updated firmware to support 256GB compact flash cards?

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