How to open and edit file in the Pages app?

1.) Connect the WiFi on iPad/iPhone to "iUSBHD-XXX"

2.) Launch the Pages app and tab the "+" sign at the upper left corner.  Select "Copy from WedDAV"

3.) Type "" in the Server Address.  You can left blank in User name and Password

IMG_0777.PNG               IMG_0778.PNG


4.)  A window with "C" drive is displayed, which is the internal hard disk of iUSBHD.

5.) In this example, there are two docx file in the drive.

IMG_0779.PNG                IMG_0780.PNG


6.) Tap the docx file, and it will be importing into the Pages app.

IMG_0781.PNG             IMG_0782.PNG


7.)  You can edit and rename the file.

IMG_0783.PNG          IMG_0793.PNG      


8.) After file is edited.  Tap the OPEN IN, it is located at the upper left corner.  Then, select Open In Another App

9.) Choose the file format you want the file to be opened in another app

IMG_0784.PNG         IMG_0786.PNG


10.)  Select the iUSBport app where the file is going to be opened.

11.) The file is saved into the "Local" in the iUSBport app

IMG_0787.PNG          IMG_0788.PNG


12.) To copy the file back to the iUSBHD, tab the Edit and then tab the file ( a red check mark is on)

13.) Tab the Menu button and select "COPY"

IMG_0788.PNG           IMG_0789.PNG


14.) Tab the "iUSBport-HD-1" under the Dashboard and then tab the "C" in the right column

15.) Tab the Menu button again and hit "Paste".  The edited file will be copied into the iUSBHD.

IMG_0790.PNG        IMG_0791.PNG




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