How to transfer file from iUSB-HD to iPad/iPhone?

1.) Please install the iUSBport file management app into iPhone/iPad first.


2.) Power up the iUSB-HD device and wait till the SSID name "iUSBHD_.." is displayed.

3.) Connect the WiFI on iPhone to "iUSBHD_.."



4.)  Open up the iUSBport app and tab "iUSBportHD-1"



5.)  Tab "C" drive letter which is the internal hard disk of iUSB-HD.

6.)  Tab the "Edit" at the upper right corner and select the file to be transferred.

IMG_0652.jpg                IMG_0653.jpg


7.)  A check mark is next to the selected file

8.)  Tab the Menu key icon and select "Copy"

IMG_0654.jpg                IMG_0655.jpg


9.)  Go back to Dashboard and tab Local

10.)  Under the Local > go to Movies or other desired folders

26E69D68-E121-48E0-9F34-9A159D4C85B8.PNG                IMG_0660.jpg


11.)  Tab the Menu key icon and hit "Paste".  The selected file will be saved into the Movies folder.



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    After pasting the video into the local file in the iUSB app, how do I move the video into my Photos app or otherwise transfer it to somewhere else, like Dropbox?

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