How to reset the unit?




  • Peter Murray

    this doesn't work.

    the download is not firmware, it's a text fie that says "Sanho"

    my iusbport hd is unusable.


  • Kelvin

    @Peter Murray, correct it is a text file.  After the text file "clear_my_iusbport_password" is saved into computer, please copy it to a USB thumb drive.  Do not make any name change.  Please try it again

  • Peter Murray

    Hi Kelvin

    I did this already. Doesn't work. I'm using a 32GB thumb drive (formatted Fat 32) with the file copied directly onto it.

    Nothing else is on the drive, when I turn on the unit it starts up and does not give the message "Reset to Default".


  • Kelvin

    @Peter Murray.  I just tested the text file and it was working fine. Could you please try it with another USB thumb drive (4GB or 8GB) or clean up the 32GB and have just the text file "clear_my_iusbport_password" in.

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