Slow copy from SD/flash to HDD - Fix!

Copying from an SD card in the built-in slot or from a flash drive connected to USB would only copy at just over 3MB/s.  Copy to/from computer via the USB port was 25-30MB/s.  I requested help from support and was told that exFAT formatted drives are currently slow (being worked on), but FAT32 would improve speed.

As far as I can tell, Windows 7 only allows formatting as exFAT or NTFS, so I formatted as FAT32 in another machine.  Copy times jumped up to 9.3MB/s; about 1GB in 2 minutes.


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    Results of my tests:  formatted NTFS < 1 MBps; exFAT 3 MBps, FAT32 fastest at 9.3  MBps

    iUSBport HD with latest firmware V27 and 1 TB drive

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    Marc P

    I confirm that after having to reformat the NTFS (formated from Win 8.1) is very sloz compared to win32

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