How to transfer files from iPhone/iPad to iUSB-HD?

1.) Please install the iUSBport file management app into iPhone/iPad first.


2.) Power up the iUSB-HD device and wait till the SSID name "iUSBHD_.." is displayed.

3.) Connect the WiFI on iPhone to "iUSBHD_.."



4.) Open up the iUSBport app.  Tap the "Photos" where is the photos album  in iPhone.



5.)  Go to Camera Roll, tap the "Edit" button on the upper left corner

6.) A circle dot is appeared next to the image file

7.) Tap the Menu key.  Hit "Select All" for all images or tap an individual image



8.) After that hit "Copy"

9.) Go back to the Dashboard menu and tap "iUSBportHD-1" > select "C" drive which is the hard disk inside the device > tap the Menu key to "Paste"


ED12DEDE-3862-48D5-99AB-47B0BD3432EE.PNG                                    AFB2B0DF-11F9-47A6-B637-59E2CD919EAD.PNG


10.)  The selected image files will be starting to transfer from Camera Roll to iUSB-HD



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