How to install a 2.5" hard disk into the case?




  • Arie Liebregts

    the WD Green WD20NPVX 2TB  is 15mm high, will it fit in the enclosure? Or will only 9.5mm high drives fit, like the WD10JPVX.

  • Kelvin

    To Arie

    Sorry, the iUSBport HD supports 9.5mm height hard disk only, 15mm height can not fit into the casing.


  • Nigel Metcalfe

    Can the drive enclosure accept drives less than the standard 9.5 mm (i.e. the WD10SPCX at 7 mm)? Any issue with lining up the drive and case connector?

  • Kelvin

    To Nigel, the slim 2.5" hard disk at 7 mm height is fine.

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