How to rename the SSID and reset to default setting?

1.) Connect the WiFi on computer or tablet / smart phone to "iUSBHD.."

2.) Open up the iUSBport app ( on the iPad or iPhone, tap the wheel gear icon next to the "iUSBport  HD-1" to access into Setup page.



2.) In the Setup page, select WLAN Master, user can rename the SSID and enter the new password.



3.) After the SSID name and password is entered, tap the "Save Change" to take effect and reboot the device.



4.)  After the device is reboot, the SSID is changed to "iUSB-HD" and the password is displayed on the screen.



5.) To reset the device back to factory default setting, please go the Setup page and scroll down to the bottom for " Reset To Default "


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