Using DocToGo app to save file to USB storage device

1.) Connect WiFi on iPad/iPhone to "iUSBport"



2.) Launch the DocToGo app.



3.) Open the existing file or create a new file.

4.) User can edit file first and tab the Open In icon to have the file opened in third party app.

IMG_2721.PNG                         IMG_2723.PNG


5.)  Open the file in iUSBport app. 

6.)  Under the iUSBport, you see the "Local", "Photos", and "iUSBport" on the Dashboard menu.

7.) Tab the "Local"  where you will see the DocToGo file is saved to.

IMG_2724.PNG                  IMG_2728.PNG            IMG_2729.PNG


8.) Tab the Edit button at the upper right corner and select the file to be copied to USB storage device.

9.) Hit the Menu key and choose "Copy"

IMG_2730.PNG             IMG_2731.PNG        


10.) Go back to Dashboard menu, and tab "iUSBport", you will see the drive "C" and "D" if there are two USB storage devices connected.

11.)  Tap the drive you wan to transfer the file to and hit Menu button to paste the file.

IMG_2726.PNG               IMG_2727.PNG

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