How to transfer files between storage devices connected to the iUSBPort 2?

This guide will show how to transfer files from storage devices that are attached to the iUSBPort 2.

*This guide may apply to all other iUSBPort devices (Single USB port devices may need a USB hub in order to have more than one storage devices connected)

*The screenshots shown on this guide are taken from an iPad 3 running iOS 7. It may look different on an iPhone but the process remains the same.


1. Connect the iPad or iOS device to the iUSBPort 2's WiFi Network.



2. Open the iUSBPort App



3. Once the app has launched and is open, the iUSBPort should be listed as one of the options under Dashboard (see image) with "C" and "D" both shown which is the USB Hard Drive and the MicroSD card.

*If the iUSBPort is not listed, tap on the 'refresh icon' (circular arrow) on the top right corner of the "Dashboard" Panel. If the iUSBPort still fails to be listed, double check if the iOS device is still connected to the iUSBPort's WiFi (as described on step 1)




4. Navigate your way to the files that you wanted to transfer (the source) in this case, is "D". Press "Edit" when the files/folders you wish to transfer is shown on the right window. Tap to select the photos (will show red check mark).



5. Press the Action button E8EBD2DF-D327-4104-8EDF-E2FF10B994BB.PNG from the bottom of the screen to pull up the action menu and select "Copy"


6. Navigate to the destination, in this case, the "C" drive. You may create a folder if needed by pressing on the Action button when you are within the "C" drive.


7. Using the Action button, select "Paste"


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