How to join a known existing wireless network? (Android)

It is recommended to use Google Chrome (Download from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store for Kindle tablets)


1.) Power up the device until its fully booted up and the default IP address "" is displayed on the screen.


2.) Connect the Android device to  "iUSB2..." via WiFi

3.) Open Google Chrome browser and type the default IP address "" in the URL address bar and hit "Go"



4.)  It should lead to the iUSBPort's Home page. Tap on the cogwheel icon to access the Settings Page.



5.) A new window will pop up that will show the settings page, tap on the SSID under 'WLAN Station'



6.) The iUSBPort will search for all available WiFi networks within range, select the network name that you want the iUSBPort to join.



7.)  Enter the password for the WiFi network, (This will be the password that you use to connect  to the WiFi network)



8.) After entering the password, tap 'OK' it should lead you back to the list of WiFi networks. 

In some cases, you will notice in the iUSBPort's display that it shows the SSID of the network you joined including the IP Address.

(If the new network does not show, please restart the iUSBPort device.)


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