How to set password?

1.) Turn on the device and connect the WiFi on tablet/smart phone to "iUSB2-xxxx"

2.) Open up the Safari browser from iPad/iPhone or Google Chrome browser from Android tablet or smart phone.

3.) Key in the default IP address "" in the URL address bar and it will lead to the iUSBport Web App interface.

4.) Tab the Setting gear wheel icon at the lower left corner to access the Setup page.

5.) In the Setup page, tab the SSID under the WLAN Master:



6.) Key in the password twice ( at least 8 characters, no special characters) and hit "Save Change"

(user can also change the name of SSID)



7.)  Reboot the device and the password will be displayed on the screen.


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    Ivan Bykanov

    It does not work neither in browser nor app. I tapped/clicked on 'Save change' and nothing happened. 

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    Please make sure it is 8 characters.

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