How to get it works with the It's Playing Pro iOS application?

1.) Please insert the external USB hard disk or flash drive to the iUSBport device and power it up.

2.) Connect the WiFi on iPad/iPhone to "iUSBport"

3.) Open up the It's Playing Pro app (, cost $4.99)

4.) Tab the "Network" under the Files



5.) Tab the Green Arrow connect icon at the bottom ( next right to It's Playing ) and select " Windows Network (SMB/CIFS)



6.)  In the Windows Network table, please key in "" a default Ad Hoc IP address for iUSBport.  If it is the iUSBport2, iUSBport Mini or iUSBport HD, the default Ad Hoc IP address is ""

7.) After the IP address is keyed in, hit "Connect".



8.)  Once the connection is established, a folder "CloudFTP-C" is displayed, tab it to display the contents inside the attached USB storage device.



9.)  Tab the video file to play it or folder to access file within it.


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