How to connect to Mac computer?

1.) Attach the external USB drive to iUSBport2 device and then power up the unit.

2.) The SSID "iUSB2-8984" and default IP address "" are displayed on the screen.

IMG_0381.jpg  IMG_0382.jpg


3.)  Connect the WiFi on Mac to "iUSB2-8984"



4.) Go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server



5.)  Type in the "smb://"  in the Server Address



6.)  Connect as: "Guest"



7.) Since two external USB drives are connected, select both drive to be mounted.



8.) Both external USB drives is recognized by computer as a network drive.  User can do file transferring in between computer and attached USB disk.

If another Mac computer want to access into the external USB disk, please follow from the step 3 to step 8 again.



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    JD Leadam
    Followed all instructions, however whenever I try to make a change to the either of the 2 HDs I attached the the iUSBport2 (create a new folder, copy a file to the HD, delete a file on the HD) a Finder alert pops up saying "Finder wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this. I tried my Mac's username and password, I tried leaving it blank, nothing works.

    What's the username and password? Am I missing something?
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    JD Leadam
    More information: after entering in an attempted username and password it obviously is rejected and tells me I don't have the necessary permissions.
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